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Alien Worlds, play-to-earn blockchain game, announces collaboration with Minecraft

Alien Worlds, one of the most popular play-to-earn blockchain games, has announced a new partnership with Minecraft, the world’s best-selling video game with over 170 million users. Minecraft players will soon be able to earn Trilium, the Alien Worlds metaverse’s native coinage. With this new bridge, gamers don’t need to be completely familiar with tokenization or the cryptocurrency world in order to join the lively community and test out the game’s tactical features. Previously, blockchain gaming was thought to be of limited scope. Players have spread the game into the larger community using smart alliances and strategies, with over 700,000 monthly active users.

The interoperability bridge that unites these two worlds is a huge step forward in traditional gamers’ embrace of blockchain gaming, since they may now earn assets, in this case Trilium, and soon NFTs, for completing tasks. Players can freely trade their digital possessions, allowing them to earn real-world currency by participating in the Alien Worlds economy. All players will be able to play with NFTs, stake Trilium, and run for planetary election through the bridge. These are only a few of the activities available in Alien Worlds. Additionally, for those interested in learning more about the universe of DAOs, Alien Worlds may be the most convenient way to do it.

The bridge will make it easier for Minecraft players to join the Alien Worlds metaverse. The code’s open source nature is intended to allow other Minecraft servers to earn play-to-earn rewards, as well as other blockchain projects to tap into Minecraft’s massive user base.

More bridges between the world’s passionate gaming communities make sense, given the value and creativity locked within the world of gaming. If education is the key to enabling the next generation of creators, Alien Worlds is paving the way for the future of metaverse gaming by making the code for this bridge open source. Earning Trilium will also allow Minecraft players to stake the fungible token in one of the Alien Worlds Planet DAOs, which house some of the universe’s largest treasuries. The voting power of stacked Trilium is used to determine who controls the planetary treasury.

It’s no secret that top figures in the blockchain sector see gaming as a tool to promote widespread use of the technology. 

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Kunal Krishan
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