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‘Spiderman’ Actor Tom Holland X Account Misused for Crypto Scam

Tom Holland, the 27-year-old actor renowned for his role as Spider-Man in Marvel’s film series, has stirred up a significant online commotion not related to his cinematic exploits or celebrity status.

Holland’s official account on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) displayed a now-deleted post hinting at a partnership with the cryptocurrency platform Binance. This post promoted a purported new digital currency, $SPIDER coin, linked to a Spider-Verse project. Following the post, Holland’s account bio was briefly updated with a link supporting the alleged partnership.

The post and subsequent discussions were on the social media platform X, where Holland has a massive following. The platform has been the primary source of the unfolding drama and responses from fans and observers.

The incident occurred on April 16, 2024, with the post being quickly removed. However, the discussion and fallout continued to ripple across social media throughout the day.

The authenticity of the post was called into question when a subsequent post included a selfie of an unidentified individual alongside a caption referencing an iconic scene from a previous Spider-Man film directed by Sam Raimi. This led to widespread speculation that Holland’s social media account had been hacked, considering his generally reserved social media presence.

The incident has sparked various reactions online. Fans expressed relief that Holland likely hadn’t intentionally endorsed a cryptocurrency project, considering the speculative nature of such endorsements. The peculiar situation also prompted playful responses and memes about the hacking incident, focusing on missed opportunities to tease fake news about a non-existent Spider-Man 4 movie.

In addition, Holland has been in the headlines for his perceived lack of response to racist attacks directed at Francesca Amewudah-Rivers, his co-star in an upcoming West End production of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ The production company has condemned the racial abuse as “deplorable” and called for an end to such behavior, urging Holland and others to lend their voices in support against such discrimination.



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