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What is Bitcoin ?

Digital currency, such as bitcoin, is made and stored digitally. It has no master. Like traditional currencies such as dollars or euros, bitcoins aren’t printed; instead, they are created by individuals. Globally, corporate computers having software are used to solve mathematical puzzles. It is the first instance of the rapidly expanding class of currency known as cryptocurrencies. Since its creation in 2009, Bitcoin has grown to become the most popular alternative form of money in the world.   

Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, a person or group operating under a pseudonym who first described the concept in a white paper in 2008. The idea behind bitcoin, which enables safe peer-to-peer transactions online, is deceptively straightforward.

How bitcoin works?

Bitcoin is not owned by a person or business. It is the first completely open payment network in the world. Bitcoin doesn’t rely on banks or private entities to handle transactions.

The smart contracts based on blockchain technology help in keeping the track of Bitcoin transactions is one of the most crucial components of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin blockchain is decentralised in nature, meaning that anybody can examine it and no single institution controls it, which distinguishes it from a bank’s ledger. Each new member on the bitcoin network is issued a public key. The public key is a lengthy series of letters and numbers similar to an email address.

When one person buys bitcoin, sends it, or receives it. Anyone can send any person bitcoin using your public key, but after the currency has been delivered and is kept in the “virtual vault,” only the owner of the private key has access to it.

There are choices for offline and online bitcoin storage. The simplest fix is to use a virtual wallet.



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