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Chingari short video collaborates with Fashion Television Network

Chingari, an Indian short video platform, has partnered with the Fashion TV network to provide unique content and intriguing items for its users. With this exclusive agreement, Chingari becomes the first short video app to collaborate with Fashion TV. Users will now be able to play unique fashion and lifestyle content from the broadcaster, which will be powered by the GARI token.

The Chingari app’s new partnership with the Fashion TV network will see the release of 100 non-fungible tokens. According to the companies, these GARI Panda NFTs will be the key to unlocking a range of services and rewards. Users may purchase these NFTs using Chinagari’s native GARI tokens to get early access to Fashion Metaverse content like Fashion TV programmes and one-of-a-kind virtual parties.

In a statement on the partnership, Chingari CEO and Co-Founder Sumit Ghosh said, “The deal will be mutually beneficial for both businesses, with Chingari getting exclusive rights to stream Fashion TV programming on its platform.” Furthermore, Ghosh believes that the GARI Panda NFTs and Fashion TV NFTs will spark a gold rush for artists and celebrities all over the world.

Chingari, which launched in 2018, quickly captured a bigger share of the Indian market for short video content. This homemade software has subsequently extended into categories such as entertainment, leisure, and DeFi. Currently, the fan-favorite Chingari provides content production to more than 130 million people throughout India in 15 languages.

The Chingari app entered DeFi in 2021 with the launch of native GARI social tokens. These tokens are awarded to users for generating content on this site. The create-to-earn approach has paid off, as this short video app has evolved into a full platform for all of its customers’ entertainment demands. Chingari has taken various measures for the benefit of society and pushed DeFi into the mainstream Indian scene with the use of GARI social tokens.

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Jeewan Singh
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