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Celo Chain teams up with Unmarshal Indexing Protocol

The crypto ecosystem is expanding at an exponential rate, and the data stored in blockchains is in need of specialised infrastructure. The indexing protocols were developed to focus on the need for organising and indexing publicly available data from blockchains in order to make it accessible to projects. These indexing procedures will support projects in gaining access to all the necessary collections of data for improved optimization. Because of these advantages, the Celo blockchain network announced its integration with the Unmarshal indexing protocol on March 25.

Unmarshal is a data indexing system that works over many chains. Currently, the project provides indexing and querying services for seven distinct blockchains. Unmarshal is used by these companies for over 500 smart contract data requirements. Unmarshal’s indexing technology can provide granular real-time data to dApps and crypto initiatives. Data from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, and XDC may be accessed and indexed via the protocol.

Unmarshal has expanded its indexing services to the Celo Chain, adding to the list. Celo is a layer-1 blockchain network that emerged from the Ethereum fork. The blockchain’s infrastructure has undergone substantial alterations that distinguish it from its parent chain. For example, Celo validates blockchain transactions using the proof-of-stake approach. Byzantine Fault Tolerance is used to power the transactions. The network has fostered a worldwide development community. So far, the community has constructed 200 DeFi initiatives to help it realise its goal of a prosperous financial system.

When Unmarshal launches its services on the Celo blockchain, it will enable developers to develop and deploy DeFi applications. Unmarshal’s APIs will significantly enhance the speed of dApps and other Celo applications. The integration will provide the developer community with a diverse set of APIs. It contains Asset Balances, Token Transactions, Transaction Details, and other information. The protocol also enables the creation of custom-built building APIs to meet the unique requirements of your projects. By optimising the DeFi experience on the Celo Chain, this will substantially benefit both developers and users.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
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