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New York man arrested for USD 2.7 million ‘Cash-To-Bitcoin’ fraud

On March 25, a New York man was accused of running a cryptocurrency money laundering scam that he promoted on social media. He told customers that he could help them stay “completely off the radar.”

The Manhattan District Attorney accused the man, a former party organiser, of laundering $2.7 million in bitcoin and cash to help numerous customers conceal money gained via allegedly illegal acts.

The cash-to-bitcoin operation is referred to by the MDA as a “takedown” of a global bitcoin money laundering company.

The MDA claims that Thomas Spieker, 42, and his associates used bitcoin to facilitate a number of illegal operations, including dark-web drug transactions.

According to authorities, Spieker’s clientele are using darknet for drug selling, fake Xanax, and other illegal narcotics in every state in America.

The MDA claimed in a statement that between January 2018 and August 2021, Spieker converted over $2.5 million in Bitcoin and $380,000 in cryptocurrency into US dollars with the help of “a rotating set of accomplices” who opened bank and cryptocurrency exchange accounts to facilitate the laundering of “criminal proceeds.”

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