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Argentines are in awe of Play-To-Earn Crypto games for additional income

Many people in Argentina are flocking to play-to-earn crypto games to meet their needs and gain money, as the country’s gaming population has grown in recent years. According to Bloomberg, Argentines regularly earn more from these games than from their paychecks, as inflation, which has hit a 10-month high, takes away from their earnings.

Argentina, the second-largest economy in South America, has surged to the top of Latin America and sixth in the world in terms of profit-oriented gaming. According to recent statistics, approximately 10,000 Argentines attended the Decentral Games this year. Decentral is the world’s largest metaverse company, with the largest number of players.

Argentina, Brazil’s neighbour, is also on the list, and is now ranked eighth in the world for play-to-earn crypto games. Inflation in both countries is skyrocketing, trailing only Venezuela in Latin America. Basic commodity costs in Argentina are rising at a pace of more than 50% per year, yet basic salaries have been growing at a slower rate than inflation for the past four years. According to the research, inflation in Brazil has risen to about 10% annually in the last year.

Well, I am pretty sure many Indians are also waiting to earn from Play-to-Earn crypto games.

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Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
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