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FTX acquires Good Luck Games

West Realm Shires, the parent company of FTX US, a leading US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange has purchased Good Luck Games of Olympia, Washington. Good Luck Games is also the inventor of the popular forthcoming card auto fight game “Storybook Brawl”. Good Luck Games will be incorporated into FTX Gaming following the acquisition.

FTX co-founder, Sam Bankman, stated: 

We couldn’t get enough of Storybook Brawl when it was released on Steam Early Access last summer. Apart from being a really enjoyable game that our entire office likes, we recognised an opportunity to be at the forefront of the ethical integration of gaming and crypto transactions in a way that hasn’t yet been done in this field. Thanks to its extremely compelling gameplay and free-to-play model, we recognised an opportunity to be the vanguard for the ethical integration of gaming and crypto transactions in a way that is very new in this area.

Storybook Brawl is a fun card-based autobattler game featuring characters from classic fairy tales and mythologies, created by a team of professional designers from Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, and Elder Scrolls Legends. While the game is simple to learn and play, the huge range of cards allows for sophisticated strategy and accommodates a number of play styles. Thousands of positive ratings have been left for the game on Steam, despite the fact that it is currently in open beta.

At this week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Storybook Brawl will be on display in the FTX booth. The game is now available in Early Access on Steam, with a mobile version due out this summer. As part of FTX’s greater commitment to climate and carbon neutrality, FTX Gaming will focus on integrating environmental friendly blockchain technologies.

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Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
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