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Ukrainian band offers their trophy for sale against Russian invaders

After winning the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this month, a Ukrainian band felt that selling their trophy would make them feel more triumphant, as it would help their homeland fight Russian invaders.

The band Kalush Orchestra, whose song Stefania was chosen as the winner in Turin, said they raised $900,000 through an auction of the crystal microphone and another $370,000 through a raffle of the pink bucket hat worn by band leader Oleh Psyuk during the performance.
The profits from the sale will be enough to buy the Ukrainian military three combat drones. The drone system, according to Reuters, includes a ground control centre that allows the pilot to direct drones.
The trophy was auctioned off in both cash and cryptocurrency. The award was acquired by the cryptocurrency exchange company Whitebit, according to Kalush Orchestra.
The rap-folk group announced on Facebook that the trophy had been auctioned off. The band wrote, “You guys are great!”.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz indicated in a video message that money was being donated to avoid Ukraine’s economy from “collapsing.”
According to multiple news outlets, the sale took place on the same day that the Kalush Orchestra performed at a charity event at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to raise donations for medical care and supplies.
The band was fighting as part of the Ukrainian resistance just weeks before the Eurovision song contest. Their performance drew rave reviews from all throughout Europe.
“Our bravery inspires the world; our music reigns supreme in Europe!” According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine will host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.
Following their success, Psiuk and his five bandmates were brought back to Ukraine.

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