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Ryan Reynolds recognises cryptocurrency as a major emerging player

Cryptocurrency is "emerging as a huge, huge factor," says Ryan Reynolds.

Famous actor Ryan Reynolds in an interview with Bloomberg remarked that “he believes that corporations are doing a terrific job of putting and bringing cryptocurrencies in a sort of safer, more popular light.” Reynolds is also the chief creative officer of MNTN, a self-service advertising platform. “90 percent of the term ‘crypto’ is crypt,” he continues, “so I see why some people could be scared off or terrified by it.” “It’s been developing for a long time as a significant player, so I’m not really shocked,” he added.

Reynolds also refuses to confirm if he is a bitcoin investor or not. “I don’t really want to comment on it,” the Hollywood actor said when asked if he owned any cryptocurrency at the moment. In response to Super Bowl advertising featuring bitcoin firms and celebrities, he stated, “I see that as enterprise companies attempting to build and carve out space in their zeitgeist.” 

The Coinbase ad, which did not involve a celebrity, was one of the crypto ads that drew notice during the Super Bowl this weekend. Sometimes, “a fantastic way to achieve it is to employ celebrities,” Reynolds said. Using celebrities is often a bad idea… [Overall], they appear to be doing certain things very effectively.


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