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Rainmaker Games Announces First Blockchain Gaming Discovery Platform

Rainmaker games announce the release of the first Discovery platform for blockchain games after raising $6.5 million. All the games on the discovery platform of Rainmaker games are tested, ranked and analysed by a group of 50 game experts. Experts also provide required data that is missing from the industry.

Rainmaker games, a premium platform for gamers

The beta platform of Rainmaker involves at least 150 blockchain games, professional critics, technical specs, earning potential figures, content for videos and much more. Its search engine powered by proprietary game data empowers gamers to category-based games like top-rated, most popular, free-to-play, greatest yield, blockchain protocol, and other criteria. 

Will Deane, CEO and Co-founder of Rainmaker Games stated that with the beta version Rainmaker has proven to be a premium platform for gamers to learn about the finest blockchain games. 

Twitch, Reddit, and Twitter activity are all added to the game details pages, providing data related to what’s going on in the web community. Every week, new games with new features will be added to the database, such as gaming instructions and a rewards system to improve the user experience.

About Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games is the first blockchain game discovery platform. It provides gamers hundreds of games in one place, along with ratings, daily earnings, reviews, feature articles, and more. Rainmaker makes blockchain gaming available to everyone and also connects games and players like never before.

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