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Decentralised Finance- EYWA aims to integrate its functionalities to resolve DeFi issues

EYWA, a cross-chain liquidity and data protocol, is all set to integrate several functionalities in order to give a real and long-term solution to all of the existing DeFi issues.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) space has seen tremendous growth in terms of interest and valuation due to the entry of many initiatives in the last few years. However, the stumbling blocks continue to plague the billion-dollar business. These obstacles hinder the progress of DeFi, ranging from fragmentation across multiple blockchains and tools to interoperability, expensive fees, the absence of cross-chain activities, and limited blockchain. One of the main issues with the existing DeFi industry is the lack of a standardised method to blockchain interaction, which limits the adoption of decentralised apps [DApps] on numerous chains. EYWA, a cross-chain liquidity and data protocol was created to solve these problems, hence driving the growth of this nascent market.

EYWA aspires to combine DeFi, therefore assisting the industry in reaching new heights and preparing it for broad acceptance. EYWA is an ecosystem that connects a variety of DeFi protocols and blockchains, allowing users and developers to take use of all current DeFi chains. 

According to the project description, EYWA’s objective is to make DeFi available to everyone, knocking down the present entrance barrier. It is basically a zero-layer protocol for developing and hosting future cross-chain DeFi protocols.

EYWA Roadmap to change DeFi space

The EYWA team, like other programmes founded on the principles of sustainability and longevity, has devised a sustainable yet ambitious plan. EYWA plans to introduce the EYWA Cross-chain protocol mainnet in a scalable way between Q1 and Q2 of 2022. According to the project plan, the Cross-chain EYWA DAO launch, a private sale, token distribution among investors, and a public sale will all take place in Q2.

EYWA will offer a cross-chain bridge and an NFT marketplace in Q4. This quarter, the team also wants to incorporate additional blockchains.

Launch of EYWA Tokenomics and Validators Node

The team will set aside 120 million $EYWA tokens from a total supply of one billion for the forthcoming token distribution in May. The EYWA development team will reserve $25 million $EYWA for the public sale, which will be divided into four categories: strategic round, round 1, round 2, and KOLS round.

EYWA’s concept is to operate as a network of nodes responsible for verifying cross-chain requests from several blockchains. EYWA will deploy nodes to check calls in the ecosystem, using the Roll-DPos method, which provides greater scalability and security.

The node deployment procedure has been simplified by EYWA. According to the team, prospective validators will just need to visit the project Telegram bot, click on the “I Want To Become A Validator” option, and answer all questions. To get rewards, validators must input an Ethereum address and wait for confirmation.

Once they get the confirmation message, pay 12,000 USDT for 100,000 $EYWA at $0.12 each piece. Thirty million $EYWA has been set aside for Validators, with a sixteen-month vesting term. Alpha Testers, on the other hand, will earn 12.7 million $EYWA at $0.16 per piece with a six-month vesting period.

EYWA benefits for consumers and developers

EYWA seeks to provide consumers and developers with intriguing benefits. EYWA will provide users with a sustainable and viable passive revenue source through cross-chain farming. While switching tokens across several chains is difficult, EYWA will provide seamless and quick asset transfer across blockchains.

Developers, on the other side, will benefit from the quick and easy construction of cross-chain pools. This liquidity protocol enables you to construct multiple liquidity pools via the EYWA DEX, including Curve and Unisawp v2 pools. 

EYWA will address the cost issue by supporting the efficient transfer of assets from high-cost chains into lower-cost chains.

EYWA offers rebates and incentives to consumers. They will be paid commissions based on the amount of money they spend and the number of people they recommend. Other benefits of EYWA include cross-chain bridges, calls, non-custodial liquidity, simple DApp development, and an open, decentralised system.

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