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Dogecoin Foundation requests public to review its New Website

In an official blog post on June 15, Dogecoin Foundation has requested public comments on the preview of the new Dogecoin website which is available at The preview will last two weeks, and users will be able to go through the Dogepedia pages, and contribute ideas using the GitHub problems system.

Background of new Dogecoin website

In the same blog post, the Dogecoin foundation explained that they have started organising a community group to upgrade the previous Dogecoin website with the creation of a team to work on any future Dogecoin websites nine months ago. As a result at that time, 20 volunteers with diverse abilities across writing, translation, HTML, CSS, and graphic design, were gathered.

The team has created a system for posting, translating, and maintaining web content for the Dogecoin environment, commencing with the Dogecoin Foundation website and proceeding to the Dogecoin website. The next step was to use that mechanism to completely redesign the website.

What is remaining on the new website?

The blog post goes on to explain that the only remaining components of the assignment are the unfinished translations and some minor mobile difficulties. In the article, Dogecoin Foundation has thanked its team for the contribution and web team. It reads:

“”You might be wondering where the developer focused content is, links to GitHub, how to get involved etc.. We’ve actually secured the domain and will be looking at how we can best use that as a ‘Dogecoin Developer Portal’ to accompany as the ‘Dogecoin User Portal’.

The release of Libdogecoin v0.1 is coming

Libdogecoin, the fundamental component for constructing Dogecoin projects, may also be published its v0.1 shortly. During the early stages of Libdogecoin, the Dogecoin team focused on creating the groundwork for RadioDoge, Gigawallet, and other planned features. The first Dogecoin payment received without the internet was revealed by RadioDOGE, marking a watershed moment for the joke cryptocurrency.

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