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Bitcoin sceptic Peter Schiff claims his 100% true forecast for Bitcoin

Peter Schiff, a prominent Bitcoin opponent, Chief economist and the founder of, announced on June 16th that he made another near-perfect or nearly 100% forecast of cryptocurrency pricing.

Early this week, Peter Schiff asserted that he had correctly predicted the Ethereum value. He currently feels he has nearly predicted correctly the level at which Bitcoin and Ethereum would fall.

Bitcoin and Ethereum forecast by Peter Schiff

Schiff previously tweeted that Bitcoin and Ethereum had achieved the values he predicted for them before, which were $20,000 for Bitcoin and $1,000 for Ethereum, respectively. He acknowledged that it was not a direct strike because Bitcoin was $80 below the anticipated $20,000 mark and Ethereum was $20 underneath the $1,000 mark predicted by Schiff.

He also stated his prognosis on June 11th. While Peter Schiff now feels that the lowest level for the first 2 significant cryptocurrencies has yet to be hit. He stated that a major meltdown for both cryptocurrencies would occur as fast as the $20,000 and $1,000 marks are achieved and left behind.

Schiff stated on On June 15 that Bitcoin was expected to fall as low as $5,000 to challenge long-term support.

That post was shared after the leading cryptocurrency plummeted under $21,000 and also was extremely approaching to the stated $20,000 mark.

Surprisingly, while being a Bitcoin critic and a goldbug, he advised investors to sell their Bitcoin assets in order to recover them at a reduced price later on.

Schiff warned on Twitter at the start of the year that Bitcoin would fall below $10,000, and it did, falling well below $30,000.

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