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Dogecoin Core developer announces plan for release of upcoming update v1.14.6

Dogecoin Core developer Patrick Lodder has announced the plan for the release of the upcoming update v1.14.6 on June 4 in a dedicated Dogecoin GitHub section. The announcement came nearly six months after the release of version current v1.14.5 of Dogecoin Core, which was released on November 9 last year. The plan gives details regarding important upgrades that the next version may have. It also gives some proposed deadlines from the developer’s end. 


Dogecoin Core v1.14.6 release plan

The Dogecoin Core release plan contains a number of intriguing topics, which are prioritized as follows: what should be there for sure, what might appear, and what might be there but not necessarily.

High-Priority items (Must have category)

When analyzing the v1.14.6 release plan’s high-priority items, special emphasis is focused on those relating to the mitigation of known Bitcoin vulnerabilities. This technique will help limit the risk of attacks that might block Bitcoin nodes from receiving transactions from other nodes while also improving the overall security of the Dogecoin Core infrastructure. The new version will also help in protecting wallet users and will fix the potential vulnerabilities. It will also make the Dogecoin core wallet cheaper.

Should have category

There are certain items for which developers are trying their best but there might be some chances if these items will not be included in v1.14.6 release. The areas are dependency updates and some important clean ups. Other significant improvements prioritized in the proposal are all focused on user safety and making Dogecoin Core more ready to go.

May have category, nice to haves, non-critical for release

This part contains cleaning up the code, increasing secret entropy, cleaning up warnings for compiling and a few others. 

Preparation for v1.14.7

In the future version of Dogecoin Core, the developers emphasize the need to clean up the wallet code, tighten up the overall user experience, and update those portions of the wallet architecture that influence the code dependence of all framework components.


The entire plan gives the gist of the v1.14.7 plan and the developer’s future readiness for the next v1.14.7. Meanwhile, according to Santiment statistics, the development activity of the most well-known memecoins is decreasing, while the price of DOGE itself is trading sideways.

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