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What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a blockchain game that enables participants to create a virtual environment using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. To access the many games, locations, and hubs in “The Sandbox Metaverse,” players may create their own avatars.

Pixowl launched The Sandbox in 2011 as a mobile game platform to compete with Minecraft. It became a smash hit, with over 40 million downloads worldwide. However, in 2018, the co-founders, Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget, decided to investigate the possibility of developing a blockchain-based 3D metaverse. Their objective is to provide users with the ability to truly own their creations as NFTs and receive incentives while engaging in the ecosystem. The new Sandbox project, together with Axie Infinity and Decentraland, was published in 2020 and has become one of the fastest-growing games in the crypto market.

The Sandbox received $93 million in investment from investors headed by Japanese telecom giant SoftBank in November 2021. Over 50 agreements were also formed for the game, including Atari, a well-known gaming firm, CryptoKitties, The Walking Dead, and hip-hop sensation Snoop Dogg.

Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh is CryptoShrypto’s content writer and a seasoned writer with over two years of experience in writing about Indian Securities Market. Jeewan's participation in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency started in late 2020, and he hasn't looked back since. The technical and economic outcomes of cryptocurrency are what spark his curiosity, and he keeps one eye on the market.


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