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Vitalik Buterin’s $3.9 Million ETH Transactions Raise Questions

Vitalik Buterin ETH Transactions: Blockchain sleuths have raised alarm bells after uncovering a series of Ether (ETH) transactions from a wallet associated with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in September 2023, totaling over $3.9 million.

On September 25th, separate blockchain monitoring profiles shared the details of a significant transaction. A total of 400 ETH, equivalent to an estimated $632,000, was traced from Vitalik’s wallet to Coinbase. This transaction has piqued the curiosity of crypto enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

Spot On Chain, a blockchain analytics platform, has shed light on a larger pattern. It appears that Buterin has been making frequent ETH deposits to centralized exchanges over the past 10 days. Their data suggests that Buterin deposited a substantial sum of 2,421 ETH, amounting to approximately $3.94 million, since September 15th.

The platform’s analysis revealed a sequence of deposits, including 321 ETH sent to Kraken between September 15th and September 19th. Additionally, Buterin reportedly initiated several transactions totaling 1,700 ETH to Bitstamp on September 17th and September 20th, as well as a separate 500 ETH deposit to Paxos on September 19th.

Intriguingly, various sites independently verified several of these transactions, utilizing access to Nansen 2 beta’s wallet profiler. The blockchain data paints a compelling picture, with a notable transfer of 2,000 ETH, equivalent to $4.9 million, heading to the same address that has been executing these transactions. This particular address has a long-standing association with the Ethereum co-founder.

Spot On Chain’s analysis further indicates that the source of the 2,000 ETH transaction can be traced to a “better-known address” (0xD04daa65144b97F147fbc9a9B45E741dF0A28fd7) linked to Vitalik Buterin, as opposed to the intermediary address (0x5567A4bE2D5b77F5Fd870f99Ed9167Feab8831B1) responsible for funneling funds into exchanges.

While these transactions are raising eyebrows in the crypto community, the motives and implications behind Vitalik Buterin’s recent activity remain uncertain. Blockchain enthusiasts and industry watchers will undoubtedly continue to monitor these developments closely, eager to unravel the mystery behind these substantial ETH movements. As the cryptocurrency world remains as volatile and dynamic as ever, such transactions can have far-reaching effects on market sentiments and trends.



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