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Indian Railways Introduces NFT Train Tickets for Holi Festival

In a groundbreaking move embracing technology and cultural celebration, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has announced the issuance of nonfungible token (NFT) train tickets for passengers traveling to Delhi on the Tejas Express (trains 82501 and 82502) from March 20th to April 2nd, in honor of the Hindu festival of Holi. This initiative marks a significant leap in the integration of blockchain technology within the Indian Railways system, aiming to provide a unique and enriched journey experience for travelers during the festive season.

The IRCTC’s venture into NFT train tickets is not just a nod to modernity but also a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Lucknow and Delhi, the cities connected by these semi-high-speed trains. By offering tickets as NFTs, IRCTC is enhancing the value of train tickets from mere travel documents to collectible digital souvenirs that celebrate India’s vibrant traditions and festivals. These blockchain-based tickets are designed to be personalizable and verifiable by both authorities and the public, ensuring authenticity and reducing the risks of ticket forgery and loss.

The digitalization of train tickets through NFTs is powered by NFTtrace, a digitization platform that will oversee the recording of ticket purchases on the Hyperledger blockchain. This use of smart contracts and blockchain technology promises to streamline the ticketing process and improve security and traceability for millions of daily transactions on the IRCTC platform. With over 1.2 million tickets booked daily through IRCTC, this pilot project could pave the way for widespread adoption of NFTs in ticketing across India’s vast railway network.

India’s commitment to blockchain technology is further evidenced by its utilization of platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, and Ethereum for various digital initiatives. The country has already hosted nearly eight million government-issued verifiable documents on five blockchains managed by the National Informatics Centre, covering areas such as certification, documentation, drug logistics, judiciary, and property. This innovative approach to NFT train tickets during Holi not only showcases India’s technological advancements but also its dedication to preserving and celebrating its cultural heritage through modern digital solutions.



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