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Victoria’s Secret files a trademark patents to sell its items in metaverse

Victoria’s Secret, the world-famous designer underwear firm, has filed a number of trademark patents, indicating that it is ready to sell its items in the metaverse. Mike Kondoudis, a trademark attorney, noted that these moves might be the company’s first step in presenting its products using blockchain technology, indicating the use of NFTs.

Victoria’s Secret, the world-famous lingerie brand, is said to have taken the initial moves in the metaverse to offer services and products relevant to its brand. The corporation submitted three trademark applications connected to the use of the name in virtual environments, according to Mike Kondoudis, a trademark attorney.

Downloadable virtual goods, namely, computer programmes and exchange of virtual collectibles that use blockchain-based implementations images, smart contracts, etc and experiences in the field of fashion are trademark applications. This indicates that the corporation planned to sell its designs as NFTs.

Other fashion and clothing firms, including Ralph Lauren and Gucci, are actively pursuing the metaverse as a key market. Gucci has even acquired an undisclosed piece of land in Decentraland to provide consumers with a virtual fashion experience. Dolce & Gabbana is another fashion house that has dabbled in the NFT and metaverse. In September, the company sold an NFT collection, netting USD 5.7 million in ether.

It’s encouraging to see that more and more businesses are looking at metaverse potential and figuring out how to get their products and services there.


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