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Ukraine witnesses donations in bitcoin worth hundreds of thousands

Payments to a pro-military Ukrainian organisation have increased dramatically in the last 24 hours.

Russia launched a series of missile assaults against Ukraine on Thursday, calling it a “special military operation.” As Ukraine prepared for further attacks, blockchain analysts stated that $400,000 in bitcoin had been given to “Come Back Alive,” a Kyiv-based Ukrainian non-governmental group that provides supplies to soldiers.

The figure is steadily increasing. At current pricing, the address has amassed $808,521 in bitcoin after transacting on the Bitcoin network over 900 times. The majority of the transactions took place in the last week. A total of $725,000 in bitcoin donations arrived since yesterday, spread among 780 transactions. On its website, the NGO provides a bitcoin address as one of the contribution choices.

The report shows crypto payments to Ukrainian NGOs and volunteer groups in order to track today’s rise in bitcoin donations. The company discovered a number of wallets held by Ukrainian NGOs and discovered the addresses brought in around $570,000 in bitcoin payments in 2021.

Come Back Alive has raised funds for Ukrainian armed troops on a variety of channels. It declared in a Facebook post on Wednesday that it had raised 20.5 million hryvnia, or approximately $685,000, in a single day. It also received $300,000 through Patreon, but the website has subsequently deleted the NGO’s profile and is conducting an inquiry into the campaign since the platform does not enable the purchase of military weaponry.

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