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Trust Machines all set to add experts from Coinbase, Reddit, BNY, and Facebook to its core team

Trust Machines, a DeFi start-up founded by Bitcoin pioneer Muneeb Ali, has appointed new advisers and directors from executives working with BNY Mellon, Reddit, Facebook and renowned fintech experts. The appointment of the new personnel came amid the bear market when crypto companies are laying off their employees. The Trust Machines team is growing its communications, business development, and marketing departments. 

On the new core team development and adoption, CEO of Trust Machines, Mr Muneeb Ali said:

“I’m excited to share that Trust Machines continues to attract world-class talent during this bear market to help build the world’s largest ecosystem of Bitcoin applications. I’m thrilled to have both Manas and Igor join the core team and to work with Asiff to further our mission of growing the Bitcoin economy.”

Trust Machines expand its team

Asiff Hirji, a high-profile founder and investor at Coinbase and Ameritrade, as well as an a16z officer, has been appointed as an advisor in Trust Machines. He is a well renowned fintech expert and VC strategy also. He is pleased about his new advisory role and the aim of Trust Machines in the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) solutions. He said:

“Bringing smart contracts capability to Bitcoin is a unique untapped market. Muneeb and his team are leading that work through both EVM compatible and other safe programming environments through the Stacks layer for Bitcoin. I look forward to working with Muneeb to help grow the Bitcoin economy.”

The new core team also has Mr Manas Mohapatra of BNY Mellon and Mr Igor Sylvester of Reddit and Machine Learning leader of Facebook. Manas Mohapatra has joined as Deputy General Counsel in the core team while Mr Igor Sylvester has joined the engineering team of Trust Machines. 

Mr Mohapatra will be in charge of Trust Machines’ adherence to worldwide regulatory requirements He has experience in working towards digital assets at BNY Mellon, among other things. Igor Sylvester has experience of previously working as a staff security engineer at Reddit. He also led Facebook’s Machine Learning section earlier.

Trust Machines also recently hired communications advisor Aubrey Strobel and head of operations and strategy Rena Shah.

About Trust Machines

Trust Machines is developing an ecosystem of apps and platform technologies targeted at realizing bitcoin’s full potential. The company is working towards the development of technology and support to build apps based on unleashing the true power of Bitcoin. Dr Muneeb Ali, the company’s creator, is also the CEO of the Bitcoin DeFi platform Stacks. 

Earlier this year, Trust Machines raised $150 million from top ventures like Breyer Capital, GoldenTree, Digital Currency Group, Hivemind, and Union Square Ventures.

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