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Binance all set to introduce first round of the Age of Gangs NFTs on its marketplace

As per the recent press release on June 29, The Age of Gangs, a new dynamic Play to Earn (P2E) game’s first round of NFTs will be available for minting on Binance NFT marketplace. Binance NFT marketplace announced that a set of 2000 NFTs would be distributed on the Binance NFT marketplace from July 4. The newly dynamic game will have features such as integration on the BSC blockchain, the grimy streets of London, and a future with an anarchist world 30 years in the future.

The Age of Gangs allows gamers to perform on 2 distinct devices, such as PC and mobile and delivers a fantastic gameplay experience along with its creative 3D graphic designs. TAOG, which is based on the Unity engine, blends the finest techniques of new squad brawlers. Players may engage in gang building, trade, various PvE objectives, and harsh territorial battles with rival gangs. According to the announcement, early investors will soon encounter the conventional NFT staking process.

The storyline of Age of Gangs

The game’s storyline deploys participants to the filthy streets of London 30 years in the future, in which the world has devolved into chaos and also the city is controlled by battling criminals, entering a new period of dread and crime. To continue, the player must group together with the other players and battle for their lives, after that he might seek his own spot in the sun.

The first edition of the series will include 2,000 distinct gangster skin with five distinct characteristics: body, head, outfit, armors, and accessories. All of these characteristics might be considered average, uncommon, or epic. The amount of one item is said to be $89. The price will go up with every successive round ahead.

During the seven days leading up to the launch, the creators will take part in many AMA sessions, fully prepared to respond to questions. Simultaneously, the TAOG discord network will conduct large-scale programs to attract the primary community.

Despite the fact that the project is still in its initial stages, the programming team is excited to display a workable demonstration of the game featuring 2 characters to pick from. The profits from the sale’s collection would be used entirely for further developments.

The workers are busy loading the TAOG social media handles with game mechanics, sneak peaks, narrative insights, and plans for the future along with early bird perks.

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