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Defi firm Treehouse raises $18M in seed funding to promote financial goals

Treehouse's goal is to equip retail investors with the infrastructure they need to make educated decisions about their DeFi assets.

Treehouse, a Decentralised Finance (DeFi) analytics business, has raised $18 million in early investment to support its financial inclusionary ambitions. Treehouse reported on March 15 that the round was headed by an undisclosed big fintech investor, with participation from several others, including Binance, Lightspeed, Wintermute, and Jump Capital. Mirana Ventures, MassMutual Ventures, Binance, Global Founders Capital, Moonvault Capital, GSR, K3 Ventures, LeadBlock Partners, Coinhako, Bitpanda, and Pintu, among others, participated in the round.

Treehouse, which was founded just 11 months ago and is powered by the team’s passion for financial inclusion, is constructing the infrastructure necessary to enable regular people to fully utilise the financial goods and services made accessible by DeFi. Treehouse’s product ecosystem will empower and define how people interact with the DeFi economy.

Treehouse aims to create infrastructure that will allow investors to make educated judgments about their DeFi investments. Harvest, the company’s main product, is used to deconstruct user data and display it with risk indicators, profit and loss, and other historical data in order to develop a DeFi data analysis standard.

BNB Chain Growth Fund’s Clinton Teh stated that BNB Chain believes in financial inclusivity in the same way that Treehouse does. Our growth fund is designed to usher in the next wave of bitcoin consumers, and we believe Treehouse will help us get there. We encourage all DeFi customers in the BNB Chain ecosystem to use Harvest by Treehouse to start taking control of their financial destiny. Harvest will utilise the funding to extend its blockchain and protocol coverage as well as develop new solutions for retail and institutional users.


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