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Spatial Labs joins hand with Polygon to study metaverse

According to an official blog article published by Polygon on March 15th, the network is collaborating with Spatial Labs. This project, also known as sLabs, will create gear and devices that will make accessing the metaverse simple and efficient. Polygon’s infrastructure benefits, such as speed and cost-effectiveness, pushed this innovative enterprise to select Polygon. Aside from that, the layer-2 solution has recently established itself as a go-to solution for producing dApps.

Spatial Labs is an innovative project that has invested in developing topics such as the metaverse, Iddris Sandu, a Ghanaian digital architect, founded sLABS in California. This project proposes to create wearables that will serve as “physical entrance points” to the metaverse. LNQ is the name of sLABS’s most recent product. 

According to reports, this new product will blur the border between fashion and technology. sLABS intends to launch wearables that will give access to the LNQ ecosystem, which is expected to launch before the end of the year. Given that it is still in development, the debut could take months.

The LNQ project will allow users to merge metaverse features with real-world purchases. Using this new technology, individuals will be able to build their own Avatars known as Auras. This appears to symbolise the user’s digital identities. Furthermore, these identities can be changed in the same way that we do in real life. The customisation of these auras will be directly linked to purchases made by customers via apps or in physical stores. Polygon’s NFT environment would be the best fit for this project’s execution.

The ideology of this new project will ensure community member participation in making governance-related decisions. This project’s community vote will be powered by the proof-of-Tap function. This feature will also enable the ecosystem’s minting and asset gathering. The primary goal of developing this feature is to ensure the project’s connectivity with consumers. Above all, this function will keep the spirit of decentralisation alive in the ecosystem.

Because of the decreased gas expenses and better scalability, this LNQ project will be constructed on the Polygon ecosystem. Furthermore, Polygon’s new initiative will assist the network in exploring the possibilities of web3. Polygon’s latest collaborations and efforts have centred on the NFT marketplace and gaming. The network already hosts various NFT projects, such as OpenSea, and provides support for the Decentraland metaverse. Now, the entrance of Iddris Sandu’s Spatial Labs could propel the network’s web3 development to the next level.

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