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This APP gets you FIT and earn you CRYPTO

Isn't it fun, know how.

In a Press Release on Jan 21, 2022, LBank Exchange, a worldwide digital asset trading platform, listed STEP. The STEP/USDT trading pair will be publicly accessible for trading. STEP, a unique smartphone app, rewards crypto for working out and remaining fit. 

Introducing STEP:

STEP is a groundbreaking smartphone app that allows users to earn cryptocurrency in exchange for their exercise efforts. It is much like a gym membership that rewards you for every step you take. The mobile App counts users’ steps and rewards them in bitcoin according to how far they walk per day.

To earn crypto download the Step Tracker App, purchase Step tokens, and keep them in a wallet. This app will automatically measure daily steps and transfer crypto to wallet. The Step App offers an easy-to-use interface and a clean design. It can also be linked with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Step users must have at least 20,000 STEP tokens in their wallet and require at least 4,000 steps every day to collect rewards. The rewards are not given in STEP token, but in BNB. They are determined on a step percent quota across holders, and multipliers are added based on tokens the user has.

The maximum supply of STEP is 1 billion and it charges a total of 10% on every transaction, with 5% allocated to the reward fund, 2% given to the pool, and the remaining 3% dedicated to marketing.



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