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Is SundaeSwap’s debut on Cardano a failure? Its popularity among users is boon or bane

Are the problems on the platforms simply a case of anticipated teething problems caused by an inflow of enthusiastic fans, or is there something more to it?

SundaeSwap, Cardano’s first decentralised app (DApp), has debuted, but users are complaining about congestion, platform failures, and failed transactions. SundaeSwap is a token staking and decentralised exchange (DEX) platform. Its mainnet debut today is a watershed moment in the Cardano (ADA) market, since it is the first DApp to use the cryptocurrency’s smart contracts. Cardano’s price has risen by 50 percent in the week before the debut of SundaeSwap. The rise in prices are implying a successful launch of the application.

On January 20, at 9:45 PM. UTC, trading on the DEX commenced. Users started complaining about failed transactions and network problems in even less than two minutes. SundaeSwap CEO Mateen Motavaf attempted to address the flood of complaints in the server by posting a message at 10:07 PM UTC asking users to be patient as the transactions will be processed  and informed that the transactions are failing just due to congestion. 

To resolve any remaining difficulties, the SundaeSwap team held a Twitter Spaces AMA at 1 AM UTC. As per reports, users were still reporting unsuccessful transactions and orders that had been waiting for more than four hours at 2:40 AM. UTC. 

Based on the results of the testnet around a month ago, the project’s core team already anticipated a substantial backlog of orders prior to the launch. The team also acknowledged the likelihood of poor performance initially, based on the SundaeSwap platform’s performance from a previous test phase.



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