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Thailand people tops in Bitcoin adoption: Statistics

Currently, more than 10% of working internet users own some form of cryptocurrency.

More than one in ten working-age internet users have some kind of cryptocurrency, according to DataReportal’s annual global overview research. DataReportal is an agency to assist individuals and organizations all around the globe in discovering the data, facts, and trends they require to make more informed choices.

The global digital insight provider examined important trends in people’s online activity. The report’s crypto component is based on data from the Global Web Index (GWI). It looked at cryptocurrency ownership rates by country and demographics throughout the world.

According to research, following points have been ascertained:

  • The number of persons possessing cryptos increased by 37.8 percent in the year-to-year (YoY) Q3 of 2021.
  • More than 10 percent of internet users, who are also in the working age, currently possess some kind of cryptocurrency.
  • This asset class has proven increasingly popular in developing economies particularly.
  • The research highlights that Thailand is leading the way in terms of bitcoin adoption, with 20.1 percent working age people possessing some type of cryptocurrency.
  • Thailand, Nigeria (19.4%), the Philippines (19.4%), South Africa (19.4%), and Turkey (18.6%) emerged as the top five nations in cryptocurrency adoption.
  • Turkey’s crypto ownership nearly doubled.

The survey also found that crypto ownership is still strongly skewed toward men, and that it is less popular among older audiences.


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