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Australian millionaire drags facebook in court over alleged crypto adverts

Facebook refuses to delete the advertisements which include Australian businessman Andrew Forest and other high profile celebrities. Facebook was charged under Part 10 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code by Forrest.

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, an Australian millionaire, is suing Facebook over allegedly fraudulent cryptocurrency adverts that utilised his identity to mislead people.

Forrest is pursuing the charges under Part 10 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code, with the permission of Attorney-General Michaelia Cash. According to the legal proceeding, one Australian have lost USD 952,000 AUD due to this fraud. As per the court trial , the intent “defrauded individuals out of thousands of dollars.”

“We don’t know the exact number or names of the persons duped as a result of this terrible hoax,” Forrest’s attorneys wrote, “but the extent of the injury is huge.” He has also spent “thousands of dollars” to dissociate himself from it. According to the lawsuit, Facebook’s access to user data has been a major “contributor” to the spread of illicit adverts, “fake news,” and other undesired online content.

“I’ve been left with no option but to initiate this action since Facebook has shown no intention to self-regulate or take simple efforts to protect Australians from thieves and fraudsters misusing its platform,” Forest continued.

Is it criminal negligence? Do you agree with Forest? Give your views by commenting below. 


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