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Swedish firm PostNord teams up with Warpin to train employees in metaverse

PostNord, a Swedish postal service provider, stated that using VR training modules increases the employees work efficiency upto 80% compared to e-learning.

PostNord, a Swedish postal services provider, is raising the stakes by the VR and AR for staff recruitment and training. It has partnered with Warpin, a Stockholm-based metaverse company, to train its employees in the metaverse. PostNord’s Head of Training, Patrik Agren, explained why the firm is keen to accept this proactive approach as it helps integrate individuals rapidly.

VR learning modules help the employees to better immerse themselves in the initial phase of their work. The use of VR and AR in the workplace increases employee efficiency upto 80% more compared to e-learning. It saves the firm’s time and money when compared to traditional classroom training. 

PostNord and Warpin have previously also collaborated on a series of virtual learning courses. These courses can be accessed using virtual reality (VR) headsets. In the simulated learning environment, employees can learn duties like sorting parcels and operating cars.

According to Warpin co-founder and CEO Emma Riddestad, people feel that the applications of VR and AR are mostly for social, gaming, and entertainment purposes only. She added that its actual gains will come from better treatment, education, and work experience. Ridderstad also cited studies on cognitive therapy in which patients can practise in a safe environment as an example.

Business Giants embrace the metaverse

Currently, PostNord is only focusing on employee training in the metaverse, while other corporate giants are going all-in.

Emirates Airline, the UAE’s largest carrier, plans to launch an online virtual reality experience through its Emirates app and Customers will be able to view the cabin in 3D and have an immersive 3D experience, increasing revenue and customer engagement.

A credit card firm, Mastercard International, Inc., has filed many trademark applications related to NFTs and the Metaverse. According to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, Mastercard filed 15 trademark applications for intellectual property, including its distinctive “Priceless” tagline and “Circles” design on April 4.

Mastercard intends to leverage this to create digital commodity and NFT-backed media marketplaces, as well as e-commerce software that allows users to perform electronic commercial transactions in the metaverse. Other financial services, as well as a card payment processing system, were also available. In the metaverse, Mastercard has planned events and performances. JPMorgan and HSBC, like Mastercard, have purchased virtual locations in Decentraland and The Sandbox to expand their operations in the Metaverse.

Nike has launched its first Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks sneakers on Ethereum in collaboration with RTFKT studios in the metaverse, demonstrating how the sports world is willing to cash in on the increasing trend of virtual reality. Manchester City, the English Premier League’s Manchester City, has just revealed its plans to open the Etihad studio in the metaverse. Millions of football fans across the world will be able to watch matches in an immersive atmosphere thanks to the debut of this initiative, according to the pro-innovation team.

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