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SupraOracles collaborates with Fight of the Ages

The online gaming sector is rapidly approaching its peak. Many milestones remain to be completed, after which another peak will be the goal for the future. A while back, online gaming went into crypto gaming. It has now entered the Metaverse, enabling gamers to interact with other digital worlds and play a variety of games.

Fight of the Ages has been out for ten years. Since then, Metaverse gaming has provided its gamers with the MOBA experience. What it didn’t have in the metaverse gaming field, SupraOracles will be able to fill in now that both are working together on a very important project.

SupraOracles’ mission is to provide developers with a breakthrough with their Oracle toolset. SupraOracle’s ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between emerging Web3 technology and the established capital market that has existed for a long time.

SupraOracles’ team is supported by specialists from a variety of disciplines. Experts from random research, consensus mechanism design, investment banking, real-time data services, digital securities, and Ph.D academics are among those on the list. These are only a few of the many other items on the list.

Fight of the Ages, or FOTA for short, is the creation of Meta DJINN PTE. LTD. It is a Triple-A MOBA-style game that maximises the NFT component of blockchain technology. Through the concept of optimised NFT, users of Fight of the Ages may possess a valuable digital asset in the game.

The Fight of the Ages metaverse platform is similar to the current world. The DAO used by the development team gives economic systems to the virtual environment and also serves as the ecosystem’s voting institution.

SupraOracles published the announcement of the partnership by releasing a post on their official website.

Users of Fight of the Ages will now be able to immerse themselves in an immersive experience thanks to the partnership between SupraOracles and Fight of the Ages. Unity 3D is a technology that seeks to enhance the graphical experience of the characters and universe of Fight of the Ages.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
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