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Sulu, Enzyme’s Polygon deployment, is live on Polygon and ETH

The Polygon deployment at Enzyme is now live, and it is the company’s most exciting project. Enzyme was previously exclusively available on Ethereum, and the latest Sulu release on Ethereum was just released a few weeks ago. Enzyme’s mainnet is also live and operational on Polygon today.

Polygon users will save money on transactions and will be able to engage with the fast growing asset universe and DeFi ecosystem. Investors will profit from the reduced costs associated with this launch. For many consumers, Polygon’s faster transaction speeds and significantly lower gas fees will make asset management far more affordable.

This news follows the introduction of Sulu v4, which has a completely new user interface, dozens of DeFi connectors, and the ability for users to access various assets. Below is some information from Enzyme on the benefits and drawbacks of constructing a vault on Polygon vs. Ethereum.

The initial Polygon asset universe will consist of approximately 65 things, comprising both Polygon-native and Ethereum-native objects transferred over to Polygon. Enzyme will also support DEX trading, as well as AAVE lending and borrowing, using Paraswap and Uniswap. In the coming weeks, they plan to add support for Curve pools, Orion, and Fuse!

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Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
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