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Avalanche gets a new developer package from Coinbase Cloud

On March 23, Coinbase Cloud confirmed the release of a new set of tools for the Avalanche blockchain. Now, developers in the Web3 domain may use the crypto exchange’s cloud services to access APIs, infrastructure, and solutions. According to this release, Coinbase Cloud has become a public verifier, allowing AVAX token holders to transfer and stake the tokens on the platform.

New package feature of Avalanche from Coinbase Cloud

It will validate the transaction, create new blocks, and engage in consensus as a validator, all of which are required for the network’s security and improvement. Avalanche blockchain now has a new Query and Transact functionality. This functionality would help developers to have a deeper understanding of the network’s foundational codes.

Coinbase Cloud claims that developers will be able to “define who may access the node architecture, and spread their nodes over four geographic areas and two cloud providers” with a better grasp of the codes.

The Coinbase wallet features an AVAX connection in addition to becoming a public validator. This allows users to utilise the wallet to communicate with the smart contract-enabled network. As a result, developers may now simply deploy their dApps on the Avalanche network.

Coinbase Cloud, surprisingly, has introduced the same compatibility for Solana, another smart contract-enabled platform. These developments are in line with the wallet’s objective of becoming a credible rival to MetaMask.

Avalanche is now one of the most rapidly expanding smart contract networks. It has developed dramatically since its inception in 2020, and currently has over 185 protocols developed on it, with a total value locked (TVL) of above $10 billion.

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