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Studio Dragon collabs with The Sandbox to create K-Drama Metaverse

Studio Dragon, a Korean production organisation, joins hands with The Sandbox to create a brand-new LAND metaverse playground for K-drama fans to create, socialise, and explore an entirely new universe of K-content.

The Sandbox metaverse increases its portfolio with the latest collaboration with Studio Dragon, a Korean production company. The cooperation will result in a brand-new LAND playground for K-drama fans to create, socialise, and explore a whole new world of K-content. Users will be able to create new NFTs based on their favourite Studio Dragon shows in this new virtual location.

Studio Dragon is a Korean production company that specialises in creating and distributing global K-content. With over 280 creators, the company handles all aspects of content production, including content strategy, development, finance, and distribution. Since its debut in 2016, Studio Dragon has grown to 183 worldwide IPs and produces an average of 30 dramas every year. The Sandbox’s new partnership will enable them to generate bee content in Studio Dragon LAND in conjunction with worldwide IPs. It is expected to provide consumers with access to a variety of innovative K-content experiences.

The Studio Dragon playground in The Sandbox metaverse will be built on their popular content’s intellectual assets. Sweet Home, Crash Landing on You, The Uncanny Counter, Yumi’s Cells, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Misaeng – Incomplete Life, Mine, Vincenzo, Hotel del Luna, Stranger, and Another Miss Oh are among the studio’s exciting K-content.

The playground allows users to create metaverse avatar accessories and game objects based on their well-known IPs. These products will be minted as NFTs and sold, exchanged, or bought by K-content fans all around the world. 

Last year, Studio Dragon released a line of NFT-based “Digital Goods.” Tokenized content from series including Vincenzo, Mine, and Hotel del Luna was included in the collection.

Cindy Lee, the director of The Sandbox Korea, noted that the metaverse will introduce K-content to a worldwide audience by providing unique drama slots and a multi-content experience. Global demand for K-dramas is now increasing, and Studio Dragon’s top-end is being highly appreciated in places like Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

On behalf of Studio Dragon, Ryu, Director of the Content IP Department, expressed his excitement about this new cooperation. He also acknowledged that the partnership’s roadmap includes the possibility of creating a K-verse in the future.

More than 200 well-known companies from around the world are already part of the Sandbox portfolio. Cube Entertainment, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Warner Music Group, Adidas, Skull and Koonta, Richie Hawtin, Crypto lookKitties, and others are among the companies on the list.

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