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South Korea SK Telecom joins hand with Deutsche Telekom to expand Ifland metaverse into Europe

On Sunday, SK Telecom of South Korea said it aims to expand its fast developing Ifland metaverse into Europe through German cooperation. Ifland has already begun to expand into international markets, thanks to SK Telecom. The company has agreed to launch a German version of its Ifland metaverse before the end of the year in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s major telecom operator.

South Korea’s largest telecom provider will launch an open platform and crypto-economic system for Ifland. Furthermore, in the second half of the year, the company plans to expand its Ifland metaverse to 80 countries.

The South Korean government and other local businesses support SK Telecom’s metaverse aims.

After a successful launch in Germany, the company may expand into other European countries.

According to the source, SK Telecom reported good earnings in the first quarter, with the Ifland metaverse seeing an average of 1.35 million users in March.

According to Yang Maeng-Seok, head of SK Telecom’s Metaverse, the Ifland metaverse might serve as a new means of communication and community meetings.

“With the open platform, we can directly create avatars and spaces, and we plan to expand into 80 countries in the second half of the year, providing support and content transactions based on the crypto-economic system.”

To advance its metaverse, the company recently collaborated with Morph Interactive to introduce accessories, avatars, costumes, and settings.

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