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Shiba Inu to grow ecosystem in virtual world for bidding

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) team has stated that they would be growing their ecosystem in the virtual world by adding lands in a queuing system for bidding. This breakthrough allows SHIB holders to take possession of lands or plots and join the Dog-themed Metaverse. Two weeks ago, it announced the metaverse project “Shiberse”. According to the team, the queue system will require interested parties to own a “$LEASH” token.

They will also be granted priority and exclusive access to the initial selling of land plots. The team has also worked on an anti-dump scheme to safeguard $LEASH holders besides the queue system. After the exclusive selling to LEASH holders, the remaining lands will unlock and become available to the general public.

In the development phase, the SHIB team has given the label ‘Shiberse’ to its Metaverse. The team will reveal the final name by the end of this month. In a very short time. The Metaverse was estimated to be valued at USD 478.7 billion in 2020. That’s around the size of the total home services business in the United States.

NFT virtual land is a piece of digital land that may be owned in a metaverse environment. Sandbox and Decentraland are the two largest Metaverse systems that have chosen to put in place virtual real estate. Dvision Network’s has also put for action its LAND NFTs on the Dvision Marketplace as well as on OpenSea.

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