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Shake Shack announces to deliver bitcoin with every burger

Shake Shack now includes Bitcoin with each burger. Would you like your burger to come with Bitcoin?

Shake Shack announced that it will return customers 15% of the comparable total in Bitcoin for any transaction made using a CashApp debit card throughout the month of March. According to CMO Jay Livingston, the campaign isn’t in reaction to consumers’ begging for crypto-with-cheese. He told sources that this method will help to determine if bitcoin is gaining popularity among the chain’s customers: “You’re always trying to place your bets on those things that truly will be meaningful and not waste resources on the ones that won’t.” 

This is not the first time an eatery has explored the crypto market. In November, Robinhood and Burger King collaborated to reward consumers with 1 Dogecoin (now worth approximately 12 cents) for every $5 spent, while McDonald’s has started manufacturing NFT Big Macs that are tastier than the genuine version. While Shack Shack is frying—er, attempting to figure out the crypto space—Block is a long-time supporter of Bitcoin. The corporation has pushed Bitcoin under the leadership of CEO Jack Dorsey. The CashApp has been the busiest of them all. In addition to launching Lightning transactions in January, it has been working with celebrities to persuade users to purchase Bitcoin using the app. 

Gwyneth Paltrow has recently given away $500,000 in the company’s Bitcoin to her Instagram and Twitter fans who commented on her pictures with the hashtag “$cashtag.” Paltrow’s personal brand would most certainly crumble if she was spotted visiting a Shake Shack, but the food business is still interested in capturing some of Block’s social media marketing techniques in order to target younger client groups.

Vaishali Goel
Vaishali Goel
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