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Polygon Metaverse Lead: ‘NFTs are omnipresent in metaverse environment’

The idea of the metaverse has just recently gained popularity among people’s imagination, but the concept is not new. The Metaverse concept has been circulating in technological circles since the time when Neal Stephenson described it in his 1992 novel “Snow Crash.” Similarly, Stephenson imagined a system to have people in a virtual world by using some tech features like avatars. Ernest Cline combined this idea with pop culture sensibilities in “Ready Player One.” However, none of the authors anticipated NFTs, blockchain-based commodities that provide a certificate of rights over digital or physical assets. As per Brian Trunzo, metaverse head at Polygon Studios, currently NFTs are omnipresent in a metaverse environment.

Trunzo stated in an interview about NFTs and Metaverse connection, “I believe that everything that has the potential becoming an NFT may become an NFT. The route toward a world like the one in “Snow Crash” or “Ready Player One,” is that “everything within those worlds will necessarily be NFTs.”

Polygon Studios is developing NFTs, games, and various metaverse projects on the Ethereum sidechain. The studio will benefit the most when NFTs grow more prevalent in the metaverse.

Trunzo, is particularly optimistic about one aspect of the metaverse: clothing. As per some experts, the fashion industry currently is above USD 2 trillion market. Many people, like him, feel that digital fashion will one day outshine it. Nike and Walmart, for instance, have been preparing to enter the metaverse. According to Brian Trunzo of Polygon Studios, this is only the starting.

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