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Sequence Partners with Google Cloud to Streamline Web3 Game Development

Sequence, a platform developed by Horizon Blockchain Games, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to integrate its comprehensive web3 gaming development suite into Google’s cloud computing services. This collaboration is aimed at simplifying the development process for web3 game developers by providing easy access to a wide range of blockchain building tools through Google Cloud’s robust platform.

Founded in 2019, Horizon Blockchain Games has successfully secured $53.3 million in funding across four rounds by 2022, propelled by the popularity of its NFT/trading card game, “Skyweaver,” and its innovative technology stack. Sequence stands out as a full-stack web3 developer platform offering an array of tools that include wallets, marketplace functionalities, smart contract management, analytics, and support for various development environments such as Unity, Unreal, web, and mobile applications.

The partnership with Google Cloud signifies a major step forward in making web3 technologies more accessible to game developers. By leveraging Google Cloud’s infrastructure, Sequence aims to eliminate the complexities associated with web3 development, allowing creators to concentrate on designing engaging and innovative gameplay experiences.

Jack Buser, Director for Games, Strategic Industries at Google Cloud, emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating that Sequence would enable developers to dedicate their efforts to enhancing gameplay rather than navigating the intricacies of web3 technologies. He highlighted the goal of providing a seamless and enjoyable development and gaming experience for both creators and players.

Greg Canessa, President and COO at Sequence, reflected on the challenges developers face when incorporating web3 elements into their games. He pointed out that the technical demands of blockchain technology often detract from the creative process, resulting in subpar gaming experiences that could potentially discourage players from exploring web3 games. Canessa stressed that integrating web3 features should be as straightforward as setting up a game server, and the partnership with Google Cloud embodies this vision by aligning with Sequence’s commitment to simplifying web3 development for game creators.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of web3 gaming, potentially transforming how developers approach game creation and paving the way for higher quality, more immersive web3 gaming experiences.



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