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Opensea takes “U turn” on NFT marketplace’s codebase hacking

Devin Finzer, co-founder and CEO of Opensea first rebuffed the allegations of NFT marketplace's codebase hacking. However, now the OpeaSea team has identified 17 individual hacked accounts

The co-founder and CEO of Opensea, Devin Finzer, has disputed rumours that the NFT marketplace has been hacked. He described the purported hacking event as a “phishing assault,” which he says is unrelated to Opensea’s website. He revealed that NFTs have been taken from more than 30 users who “signed a malicious payload from an attacker.” Finzer did not provide an estimate for the worth of the stolen NFTs. Finzer and Opensea’s phishing assault allegation was challenged by another user called Jacob King. 

OpenSea has stated that the team hasn’t noticed any malicious activity from the attacker’s account in over the last 15 hours, thus the attack doesn’t appear to be active at this time. Some NFTs have already been returned.

Finzer also indicated that the Opensea team was unaware of any recent phishing emails sent to subscribers. CEO also stated that the team had yet to identify the website that had been “tricking people into maliciously signing messages.” 

Finzer concludes his discussion by denying allegations that this was a $200 million hack. The Opensea team established that “the attacker had $1.7 million in ETH in his wallet by selling some of the stolen NFTs,” he said.

He went on to say that Opensea was now “working with individuals whose stuff were taken to narrow down a collection of common websites with which they interacted that could have been responsible for the bad signatures.”

Recently, the OpenSea team has identified 17 impacted individual accounts who are victims of phishing attacks.


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