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Nesting Dolls NFT launches digital art object to bring attention toward environmental issues

The Nesting Dolls NFT project has released one-of-a-kind wide range of digital art objects in the form of international nesting dolls, made in partnership with a number of artists from across the world. The project’s goal is to use digital technology to bring attention to environmental issues.


The digital NFT Nesting Dolls from the Nesting Dolls project have been released. The Nesting Dolls, which are constructed of wood, claim that the increasing depletion of Earth’s natural resources, such as wood, is a significant environmental concern that may be remedied using current digital technology. The project’s development team intends to guide people into the decentralised metaverse realm, allowing them to move their output and values to the virtual world in order to save the planet while using recycled resources in the actual world.


Artists from Asia, India, the United States, and Ukraine collaborated on the MadNestingDolls series. Nesting Dolls will offer its own line of apparel, including t-shirts, hats, and other items produced from environmentally friendly materials.

The Nesting Dolls project’s actual goal is to draw attention to the planet’s ecological and environmental problems. The development group believe that popularising the MadNestingDolls collection and turning it into a well-known brand in the business would help them achieve their aim and ensure that new buyers will be rewarded with future benefits. The project will donate 30% of mint proceeds to Forest Conservation Funds and will also provide long-term value to collectors.


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