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Matheus Nicolau, Brazilian UFC fighter, to get remuneration in Bitcoin

Matheus Nicolau of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the latest renowned athlete to choose to accept his fight earnings in Bitcoin (BTC). According to information, Nicolau earned his first payment in Bitcoin on Monday through a contract facilitated by Bitwage payroll service. Matheus Nicolau is the eighth-ranked UFC flyweight fighter and a Brazilian athlete. He has chosen to receive his income in Bitcoin to protect himself from growing inflation. According to Nicolau, it will help him in safeguarding the value of his hard work and prevent his money from going to waste.

Vincius Las Casas, the Brazilian fighter’s manager, will also use Bitwage to get a percentage of his income in Bitcoins. He informed the sources that they are quite positive about earnings in Bitcoin.

Nicolau isn’t the only UFC fighter receiving payment in Bitcoin

Nicolau is the very first Latin American sportsman and the second UFC fighter to be paid in Bitcoin. UFC heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou in January 2021 revealed that he would be accepting Bitcoin as payment for half of his UFC 270 prize fund. Nicolau joins a growing number of celebrities, politicians, and sportsmen who have recently understood the necessity of keeping Bitcoin by starting to accept payments in BTC.

Other sportspersons accepting cryptos

Andre Iguodala, a three-time National Basketball Association (NBA) champion, stated in January that he will take part of his projected $2.6 million yearly paychecks in Bitcoin. Seven National Football League (NFL) players, including Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Trevor Lawrence, have opted to start receiving a part of their earnings in crypto in 2021.


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