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Kyoko announces collaboration with nine new DAOs and play-to-earn games

DoubleDice, Doragon Land, Cowboy Snake, Salad Ventures, Virtue Alliance, BabyMoon Gaming House, and Babylons are among the nine new DAOs and play-to-earn (“P2E”) games that (“Kyoko”) has announced strategic collaborations with.

The roster of Kyoko partners now includes well-known firms such as YGGSEA, SweeperDAO, BlockchainSpace, and Lootex. The web3 project’s momentum in business development and partnerships is written in the stars as it approaches the April 25, 2022, launch of its unique DAO-to-DAO lending services and P2P NFT lending platform.
In addition to its expanding partnership programme, the Kyoko team recently completed a $300,000 public sale through an Initial Dex Offering (“IDO”), Initial Voucher Offering (“IVO”), and an Initial Exchange Offering (“IEO”), which followed its $3.6 million strategic fundraising round led by Aten Infinity Ventures in March. The project currently has a total value of roughly $7.4 million.
Kyoko also has plans for a historic Initial NFT Launch, or “INO,” in the works. The Kyoko Pawn series, a collection of 1,000 distinct NFTs with unique benefits for their holders, has been launched by the project. Each Pawn has a stated price of $20,000 and can be redeemed for its face value one year after minting. A pool of 2 million $KYOKO tokens – or $400,000 at current market values – will be distributed evenly across all Pawn holders upon redemption.
Pawn holders will also have access to special investment opportunities in rising DAOs that are eligible for Kyoko’s DAO-to-DAO lending services. Pawns are easily traded on secondary markets, and over 40% of the collection had been purchased at the time of publishing. At, you may buy Kyoko Pawns.

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Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
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