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K-Pop singer Sunmi faces backlash after launching NFTs

Sunmi (also known as Miyane), a popular K-pop star, has faced backlash from fans over the NFT memorabilia she and her agency, the Abyss Company, released last week.

The “Sunmiya Club” initiative, which consisted of 10,000 computer-generated NFTs portraying various cartoon Sunmi avatars, was released on February 23. Some of her followers, however, slammed the musician for only trying to earn fast cash for her corporation.


Sunmi released a statement via Abyss Company regarding the backlash on Monday, though the company simply reiterated its long-term stance on the project and did not appear to address any of the fan concerns, noting that “we kindly ask for your continuous love and support in our artist’s future performances.”

Fans criticise the statement, with Twitter user “cruelrush” highlighting environmental worries about NFTs, while others vowed to boycott the K-pop Idols stating that we’d like to help Sunmi, but not at the price of our ecosystem. NFTs are harmful. We wish to help Sunmi and communicate with her by purchasing her CDs and songs. By attending her performances. They added that we would have liked more online concerts to show our support for her.

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