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Brantly Millegan’s removal from the ENS Foundation is likely to fail

Brantly Millegan’s removal as a director of the Cayman-registered ENS Foundation as the legal body behind the eponymous distributed autonomous organisation (DAO) was likely to fail, with 45 percent voting against it.

In early February, Millegan, a key contributor to Ethereum Names Service, was dismissed as steward of the ENS DAO and True Names Ltd. over tweets that espoused traditional Catholic views. Millegan is allowed to cast his own vote, as votes are counted on a one-token-one-vote basis. Millegan has received more votes thus far, based on his voting record.

According to data on-chain, Nick Johnson, the creator and lead developer of ENS, who fired Millegan from True Names Ltd., has chosen not to vote. Before he was terminated, Johnson was a prominent defender of Millegan, writing that he had “never seen Brantly treat someone as different or less because of who they are.”

The decision to terminate Millegan was received with considerable criticism within the ENS community, with some pointing out the irony of a decentralised service condemning someone for their religious views. It looks like some of the loudest people against Millegan have similar postings next to their names, which makes it look like they agree with Millegan’s traditionalist ideas.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
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