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Horizen Labs purchases Bored Ape #6709 worth 100 ETH

Horizen Labs, a major web 3.0 and crypto-first developer that create blockchain applications, announced the purchase of Astronaut Bored Ape #6709. It has paid 100 ETH, or USD 420,000 for the purpose. According to Opensea statistics, this is the second time the Bored Ape #6709 have been sold. The previous owner purchased this NFT for only 0.75 ETH which is about USD 4,000.

Horizen Labs bought the Ape shortly after the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) team announced its alliance with Horizen Labs on Twitter. The firm says it was to show its support for the NFT space, which includes the BAYC and the community. Dean Steinbeck, President of Horizen Labs, said that the company wanted to be a part of the BAYC community and engage in a variety of ways. This means adding new goods and services to the ecosystem in order to make it more diverse and resilient.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh is CryptoShrypto’s content writer and a seasoned writer with over two years of experience in writing about Indian Securities Market. Jeewan's participation in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency started in late 2020, and he hasn't looked back since. The technical and economic outcomes of cryptocurrency are what spark his curiosity, and he keeps one eye on the market.


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