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Aperture raises USD 5.3 million for a cross-chain DeFi investment ecosystem

Arrington Capital, ParaFi Capital, Divergence Ventures and Costanoa Ventures directed a $5.3 million seed and structural round sale for Aperture, a cross-chain DeFi investment ecosystem. It is also followed by Krypital Group, Athena Ventures, and many more.

Aperture integrates possibilities from several blockchain networks into one location and empowers investors with sophisticated strategies enabled by smart contracts through a cross-chain marketplace for ideas and seamless bridge solutions.

“We expect the number of yield options to rise dramatically as DeFi expands in a multi-chain scenario. By a single interface and strategy marketplace, Aperture abstracts the intricacies of cross-chain yield tactics,” Anjan Vinod, Vice President of ParaFi Capital, stated. 

Aperture connects the dots between chains, giving users an easy interface to take advantage of yield possibilities no matter where they come from. Finally, consumers will engage with decentralised apps in general,” said Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch and Arrington Capital.

Calvin Liu, investor and former Compound Strategy Lead, said, “The Aperture team is developing an industry-leading cross-chain strategic planning tool to democratise access to the finest risk-quantified opportunities. We’re happy and lucky to support them.”

“At Rarestone Capital, we’re thrilled to be supporting a rockstar team at Aperture on their objective to unify liquidity across numerous networks in one location,” said Camron Miraftab, Founding Partner.

A delta-neutral synthetic stock token technique will be included in the private beta release, which will begin on February 7, 2022. More information about the product launch and token generating event will be available on the company’s official social media sites in the following weeks.

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