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H2L, a Japanese tech firm, may be the first to introduce real-world pain feeling to the metaverse

H2L, a Japanese tech firm specialising in virtual reality and body sharing, could be the first to bring real-world pain feeling into the metaverse.

Experience of real-world pain in Metaverse

H2L’s main ‘Bodysharing’ product is a wristband that recognises human muscles and allows a user’s avatar to replicate body movement to feel other persons or items around them. The armband regulates arm muscles through electrical activity, allowing users to feel feelings surrounding their avatar.

As per the company’s Twitter handle, “H2L technology sends weight and resistance sensation to users and avatars on the Metaverse, not merely pain.”


Emi Tamaki, CEO and co-founder of H2L, told reporters that feeling pain allows them to make the metaverse world into a real-world environment, with a heightened sense of presence and immersion.

Story of H2L and real-world bodily feelings using computers

Tamaki holds a PhD in engineering from the University of Tokyo and specialises in haptic technology. She chose to research the possibilities of haptic technology with the goal of merging people’s bodily experiences with computers after a near-death experience due to congenital heart disease in her late teens. She told reporters about why she chose to work on a new topic on which no one was doing research after sharing her experience on the realization of the importance of life

After it, Tamaki went on to start H2L, which is currently worth $42 million and has funded $8.4 million for product development. Within the next five years, H2L intends to issue a $168 million initial public offering.

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