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Metabloqs launches its Metaverse project

Metabloqs is one of the most realistic metaverses, created to let people experience their digital life in a more engaging and satisfying way, it launches a metaverse project that has a number of advantages and application cases that are certain to wow the user. Metabloqs is essentially a digital environment inspired by the actual world that allows users to host meetings, seminars, and concerts.

The project caters to a wide range of user demands, ensuring that everyone is taken into account if they want to learn a new skill, network, or simply have fun. Metabloqs has established a one-of-a-kind environment in which users can create, control, and sell their own experiences. Metabloq’s native utility token on the XDC Network is used to do this.

Citizens of Metabloqs can purchase land and other unique items such as NFT Avatars and Pets, and use that area to create their dream projects. The XinFin smart contract stores and exchanges all digital assets. XinFin (XDC Network), an organisation hybrid blockchain, combines the benefits of blockchain networks with compatible Smart Contracts to make global business and financial transactions easier.

Land creators, collectors, digital assets, activity, and avatar makers are among Metabloqs’ primary stakeholders.

Product feature

Metabloqs is built on the XDC blockchain, which is a long-term solution. This blockchain is a proof-of-stake (PoS) network with several advantages, such as:

  • Increased transaction speed
  • Transaction costs are quite cheap.
  • Minimal energy usage

The citizens’ digital assets are held in a XinFin smart contract and are transferable.

As an incentive, Metabloqs is giving out XDC tokens to the first 5,000 residents who join the network.

NFT Metabloqs prizes, such as unique and rare land, buildings, and expensive automobiles, are also being given away by the initiative.


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