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Fox Corporation and Time Partner to Enhance Content Authenticity Using Blockchain Technology

Fox Corporation and Time, a global media brand, have formed a partnership to utilize Fox’s Verify protocol to ensure content authenticity and combat misinformation.

The partnership will integrate blockchain technology into journalism, specifically using Fox’s Verify protocol, which is built on Polygon’s proof-of-stake (PoS) network. This technology will be used to make content licensing and verification immutable, thereby ensuring the authenticity of journalism.

Fox launched the Verify protocol in January and has now announced Time as its first external publishing partner. There are plans to transition Verify from the Polygon PoS network to an independent zero-knowledge (ZK) blockchain. The partnership and technological development are taking place within the operations of Fox Corporation and Time, impacting the global media and journalism industry.

Verify uses cryptography to sign and establish the history and origin of digital content, ensuring its authenticity from creation to consumption. This protocol helps bridge artificial intelligence (AI) platforms and media companies, allowing for the verification of over 300,000 pieces of content across Fox. The partnership with Time aims to expand this initiative, using Verify to authenticate Time’s journalism outputs as well.

This collaboration comes at a critical time when misinformation is rampant, and the reliability of journalistic sources is increasingly under scrutiny. By incorporating blockchain technology, Fox and Time are pioneering a move towards more secure and transparent media practices. Marc Boiron, CEO of Polygon Labs, expressed that this collaboration highlights the beneficial impact of blockchain technology in media. Furthermore, the transition to a ZK blockchain, developed with Gelato — a Rollup-as-a-Service platform — signifies a significant technological advancement in media content verification, promising greater security and the ability for developers to create authentically provable projects. This initiative not only aims to protect brand equity and enhance content delivery but also strengthens the integrity of media and journalism in an era dominated by digital consumption.



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