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CleanSpark Acquires Five Bitcoin Mining Facilities in Georgia for $25.8 Million

CleanSpark announced the acquisition of the five facilities for a total of $25.8 million. This strategic expansion is set to significantly increase the company’s operational capacity and processing power.

The announcement was made on June 18, and the acquisition is expected to close immediately. This expansion aligns with CleanSpark’s mid-year target to boost its total hashrate. The mining facilities are located in Georgia, USA, varying in operational capacities from 8 to 15 megawatts, contributing a combined total of 60 megawatts to CleanSpark’s operations.

The acquisition aims to enhance CleanSpark’s total hashrate to over 20 exahashes per second (EH/s) by the end of June. The facilities are equipped with interruptible-load designated power purchase agreements (PPAs), which will allow them to provide load-balancing services to the local electrical grid. This not only bolsters the operational efficiency of CleanSpark but also supports the local infrastructure, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and the regional energy ecosystem.

The deal comes at a time when the U.S. Bitcoin mining industry is receiving increased attention, partly due to former President Donald Trump’s remarks advocating for the industry as a strategic asset for the U.S. energy sector. Trump’s comments, suggesting that Bitcoin mining could be America’s “last line of defense” against central bank digital currencies, have stirred both support and criticism within the crypto community. In response to the growing public and political interest in the sector, industry leaders, including CleanSpark, have initiated “The Bitcoin Voter Project,” a non-partisan voter education effort aimed at increasing public knowledge about digital assets and blockchain technology. This initiative underscores the industry’s move towards greater public engagement and policy influence, aligning technological growth with civic education and regulatory dialogue.



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